At Kafé Utza, we roast our micro batch coffee beans fresh to order in our custom built roaster. The small batches allow us to keep close watch on the beans, roast them until they are prefect, then send them staight to you. Fresh.


miles city’s finest basque coffee

There are two major factors that dictate the flavor quality of coffee: Growing region and freshness of roast. Our coffee is imported from the finest growing regions in the world. These are high altitude, tropical areas like Sumatra and Nepal that specialize in shade grown, full bodied, organic coffee. We only order from fair trade suppliers. This means that our money supports environmental sustainability and better trading conditions for farmers.

We roast exclusively in small batches. Very small batches. Like 2-10 pound batches. No, we're not insane. This allows us to do two very important things: Pay especially close attention to each batch, making adjustments if need be, and ensure that your orders are always fresh roasted.

To find a roaster capable of such a task, we searched the globe. Literally. Our first roaster was custom built in Israel with repurposed car parts. It was cool, but had too small of a capacity and the parts had to be ordered in. We eventually found a solution in our own back yard, from the boys at RZ Welding. As it turns out, years of working on farm and ranch equipment prepared them quite well to tackle an artisan coffee roasting. They built us a one of a kind roaster that fits our needs perfectly.